What's in DAQBroker

Data Storage

A flexible database architecture specifically designed for a growing set of instruments. Whether you require to make long term measurements or many small independent sets of experiments, this database architecture provides you with maximum data flexibility and minimal query times. The DAQBroker database is simply a model which can be exchanged between any of the existing free and commercial database engines available. With DAQBroker you don't have to change your storage engine, be it local or remote, distributed or centralized.

  • Relational Database independent
  • Modular instrument design
  • Multiple data types
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Communication agents

These cross-platform agents ensure communication between an instrument and one or various server applications. A new node can register with several server applications and are immediately ready to collect data from their instruments

  • Cross-platform
  • TCP socket communication
  • Lightweight clients
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Third-party API

A documented API is provided for any developer that requires to interact with a DAQBroker service. This allows users to extract data and metadata from instruments, create/edit instruments or manage an experimental enviornment.

  • Create/Edit instruments
  • Extract instrument data and metadata
  • Insert instrument data manually
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Visualization and manipulation tools

DAQBroker comes with a built in web interface capable of running on any machine. It provides authenticated users with the ability to create or edit new instruments, create visualizations with data from any instrument, process instrument data and much more. Administrator users are provided with an administrator panel where they can preform control tasks such as create new users or new databases.

  • Create/Edit instruments
  • Create visualizations with any data
  • Process instrument data
  • Administrate databases
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