Any instrument. Any time

Monitoring the way YOU want

DAQBroker is a software package that allows individuals or large collaborations to capture data from any number of instruments. Users can access and manipulate instrument data from any device by using simple and powerful processing tools. Instrument data can be showcased using our built-in interface to create and share visualizations jam-packed with information.

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Work YOUR data

Our powerful data processing tools allow you to work from any device.


DAQBroker's power grows with the power of your network. Check out our testbed benchmarks.


You can use any of DAQBroker's elements with any computer, server or mobile device.


Our software is completely open-source, you can incorporate it into your own projects


Using DAQBroker's documented API, you can access data and metadata from any monitored instrument for use in thrid-party applications

Get YOUR data out

Create insightful visuals and easily share them with your collaboration. More

Made for scientists

DAQBroker was made with science in mind. A growing number of scientists require to work part-time as system administrators and manage a large vairety of instruments on their own. DAQBroker allows not only the monitoring of an instrument's data, but also provides important metrics on the nodes of your instrument network. Meaning that apart from instrument monitoring, you are also provided with a general health check of your instrument network.

If you are a developer working on a data acquisition system, feel free to host your own DAQBroker server or contact us for a more personalized solution. We would be happy to discuss data acquisition solutions that could be included in DAQBroker.